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Official hiatus

I´m gone for quite i while yet as you may realized...but now i´m doing my haitus official just let you know i´m not ignoring you or don´t care(so plz,don´t f-cut me,ok?i will be back one day D:)
I´m in Prague,in dorm and i´m just using not my computer and not my internet so i will keep this short.I hope i will have internet next month.
But except of lack of internet and fandom is life really good now.I love my school,first time in my life...i really love studying korean.All teachers are really nice and special people.
And my two roommates too...one is Czech and second Japanese:).We are kind of internetional here in this room,lol.Prague is beautiful as ever...when i don´t have net now,i´m used to take long strolls around the city.I simply love being here.
Today i´m going watch concert of finnish band Lovex...yay!:)
Ah,my korean fandom...i missed lots of stuff and i have no idea what is happening D: The only Koreans i´m seeing now are my teacher mr.Lee and tourists,heh...
So...bye and take care people.


Hi guys...I´m sorry i wasn´t commenting on your entries for few days(well,exactly it was more than just few days,lol).I was around but i really had time to see mostly only first page on my friends page.So don´t be very surprised when i will be commenting on your older entries now:).
I´m preparing things for my new university and next monday i´m going to Prague for sign up...and nobody wants to go with me D: I will write more about my new uni in the next post.

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AND...i can´t wait for new DBSK album...but why they hell everybody(mainly my favourite metal and rock bands)is releasing albums in september...my wallet will be empty again D:

I´m goiiiiing...

I was about to post absolutely different entry but decided not to...:)
But is time to update my journal.
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I don´t believe Heath Ledger is dead...i don´t wanna believe it...

Well,i didn´t think it will affect me so much...but it did.
I´m so freaking sad...you don´t even know.
I was still crying when i was watching Brokeback Mountain(how i get older i´m more sensitive,idk)but now...i will more.
I feel sorry for his family,friends and fans...he was really young and talented.

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Depressive stuff pfff...i´m gonna watch EHB 11 for my sake and i hope it´s pretty funny.

But what is good...new 동방신기 album...T is absolutely love.I´m obsessed with Trick.

I hate subjects

Jan. 4th, 2008

I wanted write here when was Xmas...then when was New Year...but i was lazy:)
So Happy belated Xmas and New Year lol:D

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Just random post

I´m gonna write something because i´m feeling like this.

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Wow,this post not supposed to be so long...
P.S:Oh,my brother gave me proof that DBSK are gay band...He just pointed at "On & On" song with:"You see?on and on...gays"...Are you wondering what is weird?well...in slovak language "on" means "he"...i loled at him and i think he secretly like k-pop:D



lovelysilver19 choose for me "S" ^^ You list 10 songs that start with that letter...I tried to choose interprets which have some special meaning for me...half k-pop and other half rock/metal,because i´m that weird listening it together:).Just tried to ignore word "love",it´s everywhere:D

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Finally time for doing this...and i have really good mood today.All worries gone away...because i was accepted in college and i´m goonna study slovak/german language and literature...so,nothing new for me:)(slovak is my native language,but it has freaking damn hard grammar...and i´m learning german for 10 years now,i think...half of my life and german grammar is really nothing better).But i love literature so i´m gonna enjoy it.Hmm,but truthfully...next year i will try exams for korean studies in Prague and exams for scholarship for college in Japan(but still don´t know if i´m that crazy...going to Japan for 5 years).
And...i´m watching SiWon´s new drama HyangDan...or Legend of HyangDan...and that damn man,he looks hot in anything(but we all know in nothing it is still best:D)...and he even looks hot with facial hair!...


Maybe is finally time

I´m Livejournal member long time but i´ve never started my own journal...yeah,it´s time right now:)
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